Leverage our exclusive DITty campaigns to market your services to production community decision makers.

What the heck is a DITty you ask?

A DITty is our one-of-a-kind, exclusive production community decision-maker database. It stands for...

Direct Impression Targeting and features:

DITty Gold Targets: Gold targets are considered a REACH (your message delivered directly to a highly desirable target) versus an IMPRESSION (your message appearing on the target's social media feed). Methods include direct mail, phone marketing and email marketing campaigns.

DITty Silver Targets: Hyper-targeted impression campaigns using demographics customized for the service you provide to the industry.

DITty Bronze Targets: Social media posts targeted to production industry groups and events. Our team can create posts, memes and videos or send us your news releases and announcements.

BzS New Client Package

Welcome new clients, this is the right one for you!

Campaign Overview: A great package to try our service –2 months for the price of 1 (Experience a MIX of all our services)

Campaign Duration: Approximately 60 days

BUY FOR $350

General Campaign

Welcome Back! Let’s keep the momentum going with more leads!

Campaign Overview: Continue reaching thousands of potential clients via a MIX of all our services

Campaign Duration: Approximately 30 days

*You may purchase multiple campaigns concurrently

*Sign up for autopay and reach an additional 1,000 decision makers per month

BUY FOR $350

Custom Studio Vendor Marketing Campaigns

Wannado your own thing? We Gotcha! Create custom postcards, email blasts or direct phone and impression campaigns!

Campaign Overview: Tell us what marketing methods will work best for your team

Campaign Duration: One to Twelve Months

Contact for Pricing

Hosted Corporate Interviews

Get ready for your close-up with an interview alongside broadcast journalist and host, Bella Shaw

Campaign Overview: Corporate and interview-style hosted video

Location Information: In-Studio or client location

Contact for Pricing