Frequently Asked Questions

What types of decision makers do you reach?

Our team reaches out to Producers, Directors, Coordinators, Bidding Producers, Production Department Heads and Production Company CEO's and Execs

What are the ways you reach out to my potential customers?

We target production decision makers via social media, email campagins, direct phone marketing and direct mail campaigns

How are results measured?

Social Media Campaigns are measured by Views and Engagement
Email Campaigns are measured by Opens, Views and Clicks
Direct Mail Campaigns are measured by number of pieces mailed
Direct Phone Campaigns are measured by number of calls made

What types of vendors use your service?

Any vendor with a product or service they market to production will benefit from our service. Sound stages, equipment rentals, transportation, production insurance, props, catering...pretty much every type of company that is hired for small-to-large sized production projects.