(Guess what? We’ve got ‘em!)

Wouldn’t it be great to assemble a dream team to get eyeballs on your company in the entertainment community? Yah, we thought so!

That’s exactly what BzS does with our STUDIO VENDOR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS including our Hollywood BzS (Bizz) Bite series hosted by veteran CNN anchor and entertainment host, Bella Shaw. Bella has over 10,000 hours of live broadcast experience and has interviewed presidents and celebrities. (She is also half Austrian and makes a mean Wienerschnitzel!) The series is directed by sitcom director and author Phil Ramuno (he’s reeellly funny!) and produced by industry marketing producer Sue Bo Berry (Her humorous approach to all-things production has earned her the title of CCO - Chief Cheerleading Officer). Their combined years of experience working in the business provides access to tens of thousands of exclusive social media and decision maker contacts!