Frequently Asked Questions

What types of decision makers do you reach?

Our team reaches out to Producers, Directors, Coordinators, Bidding Producers, Production Department Heads, Production Company CEO's and Execs and production department contacts at national brands.

What are the ways you reach out to my potential customers?

We target production decision makers via social media, email campaigns, direct phone marketing, direct mail and impression campaigns.

How are results measured?

Social Media Campaigns are measured by Views and Engagement
Email Campaigns are measured by Opens, Views and Clicks
Direct Mail Campaigns are measured by number of pieces mailed
Direct Phone Campaigns are measured by number of calls made
Impression Campaigns are measured by number of impressions

*Results & Analytics are used to determine the best marketing strategies for your campaign.

What types of vendors use your service?

Any vendor with a product or service they market to production will benefit from our service. Sound stages, equipment rentals, transportation, production insurance, props, catering...pretty much every type of company that is hired for small-to-large sized production projects.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you have signed up for a campaign, our team will send you a confirmation email. Campaigns typically complete within 30 days. Once the campaign is complete, you may sign up for another campaign. (You may also run multiple campaigns concurrently.)

TIP: Signing up for AUTO RENEW (billed every 30 days) will provide seamless campaign activity AND you will receive bonus contacts per month.

Can I have more than 1 campaign running at the same time?

YES. You may sign up for as many campaigns you’d like that will run concurrently.

If I'm running multiple campaigns at the same time, will I be targeting the same contacts?

NO... well KINDA... We target your company via social media, direct mail, email and phone sales. There may be some duplication of those databases. However, it's actually a POSITIVE THING if potential clients see your company information multiple ways.

I didn’t receive my campaign confirmation, sooo what should I do?

First thing is to check your spam folder. If it’s not in there, call or email us because ...Well, although our team is super-efficient, (most of us) are only human.

What is the advantage of choosing AUTO PAY?

Marketing is a marathon not a sprint, and campaigns are most effective when there is consistent momentum over time. Our Auto Pay option assures your company information is distributed via all our services AND you will get additional decision makers per month.

Who can take advantage of a BzSpotlight marketing campaign?

Any company that is an experienced provider of products or services to the entertainment production community.