The BzS Team provides a variety of marketing services for entertainment vendors seeking to position their product or service in front of production decision makers in the LA market.

Our HOLLYWOOD BzS BITE SERIES will feature your company in a short, educational, and entertaining video that is distributed to tens of thousands of industry viewers.

Direct mail and email campaigns will deliver your information to thousands of additional clients via our exclusive databases. Phone marketing campaigns are also available.

How to Get Started

Step 1:
Let’s talk! I know, what a concept! An actual phone call! Nobody likes to talk on the phone anymore so we promise it will be brief and painless. But we need to know a little about your company so that we can best target your information to the right demographic. Here are some samples of questions we may ask:
*Do you provide a product or service for a SPECIFIC genre of production, i.e. film or video only? Commercials or eSports? All of the above?
*Do you provide your service only in a specific region (i.e. Los Angeles or New York?) or can you provide it worldwide?
*Is your client contact usually a producer, a director, a coordinator, or a department head? Or all of the above?

Having this background about you and your service will help our team get your info in front of the right decision maker.

CALL US NOW! (unless it’s 3am) (310) 913-5690

Step 2:
Decide which of these types of marketing works best for your product or service: Social Media, eMail Campaigns, Direct Mail or Phone Marketing.

Step 3:
Prepare to get busy!

We’re not happy if you’re not happy. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the eyeballs you deserve with video, email or direct phone and mail marketing.

Start Now! It’s Painless. It’s Effective. It’s Fun. (we promise!)