What is BzS: The Business Spotlight?

The BzS team provides affordable hosted-interview and social media video for small businesses using a unique "economy of scale" model to keep our prices low.

The experience of our CLASSIC INTERVIEW SET format is much like appearing on a talk show with all the perks including a three camera shoot, professional lighting and audio, editing, makeup, and refreshments. You'll be in great, professional and FUN hands with sitcom director and USC professor Phil Ramuno, award winning producer Sue Berry, and host/talent Bella Shaw, a ten year veteran of CNN.

Our recently launched ZOOM-STYLE format was a solution to continue interview style and social media "BzS Bites" for our clients during the COVID-19 quarantine and distancing guidelines. This format utilizes the interviewing style and experience of host/talent Bella Shaw, with our director and producer on the zoom call, but edited out of the finished video. You will be coached and interviewed from the comfort of your home or office and footage will resemble the interview format and graphics of news shows such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC or your local news broadcast.

Our BzS BITES (BizzzBites) format is designed for social media platforms. These :15-30 second clips can help promote your brand, introduce new products and services, notify your clients of upcoming events or promotions, or simply educate and entertain your followers.

Our CUSTOM VIDEO format service is available on a sound stage or at your location. Prices vary depending on scope of production. Contact us for a customized price proposal.

Erin Murphy