Reflector and Reflector Arm Holder

Reflector and Reflector Arm Holder

Don’t Buy, BOUNCE: Reflector and Reflector Arm Holder

Your $200 one light photo studio is complete.  I talked about using natural light as a source for classic three point lighting.  What you might not understand is that, if you only have a window from one side letting in light, you cannot use overhead lights or lamps in the room for the third lighting source.  Office overheads are usually fluorescent lights which are green colored compared to daylight and strobes.  Most floor or desk lamps are red colored.  Our eye adjusts to these color differences but your camera will not.  So you may need at least on more daylight colored source.

Yes, you can get a second Neewer strobe for $100 and put that on the second light stand that I had you buy along with the second receiver/trigger for that strobe at $16.  But we can keep our budget down by using a reflector instead.

There are many kits of 5 reflectors with white, black, silver, gold and translucent.  Honestly, you won’t need all of those.  Silver or white are the ones you will always use. $16.

You will need something to hold the reflector in place. Neewer has a simple clip that can mount it to your second light stand for $7.


But that gives you only one position.  I like a positionable arm for more flexibility.

That one is $28 and is well worth the extra cost. Make sure you use one of your 4 sandbags for this setup.
So, now using any daylight in the room as one source and with all the lights turned off, your strobe and $45 reflector setup can complete your classic three point lighting. Since the fill light on the front side opposite the key light should be half as strong, use your creativity to decide which sources should be the key, fill and backlights.

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