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Neewer Sand Bags

Weighing In On Equipment Safety: Neewer Sand Bags

So, by now I have encouraged you to shop for a $100 strobe light, a $35 remote for the strobe, $30 for two light stands, a $6 bracket and $10 for a photo umbrella.  We are still under $200, so what else do you need?   Well, you need to protect your small investment.  Get some sort of weight to keep the light stand from falling over, especially outdoors and when you have an umbrella sticking out and acting like a sail.

Neewer again comes in at a bargain price with 4 bags for under $15.


You can fill these with sand, gravel, nuts and bolt or ball bearings.  Just understand that the sharper the fill, the more chance of eventually wearing a hole in the fabric of the bag.  Also weighing them down too much can put a strain on the stitching that is holding the cloth handles.

You now have everything for a great one light set-up.  Classic lighting, however, is three point light with that main light at the 45 degree angle and something on the opposite side of lower intensity to fill any shadows and a third light behind to separate the subject from the background.  Letting some daylight in the room that you are shooting can certainly work for these other two sources.  Just notice where the natural light is coming from and use it to your advantage.  In a future review I will talk about using a reflector for a secondary source.

Neewer Light Stands

No One To Hold Your Strobe: Neewer Light Stand

So what else do you need for your now growing still photography equipment kit?  Well if you have your camera and got a flash or even two from my previous review, you need something besides always having an assistant holding the off camera flash or the second flash.  This is a hobby or a small business and not a full crew production like we do when making BzS videos.  The low cost solution is a couple of light stands and flash holders.

No, I don’t work for Neewer, but again I found a couple of tripods from them for a reasonable price

These are 9 foot light stands.  Yes, I know that you can get shorter ones for a few dollar less, but ideal lighting is set about 45 degrees to the left or right of your subject AND also 45 degrees above the subject.  The six foot stands, shall we say, “fall short” of this ideal?  And at under $30 for two of them, you are still keeping your now growing photo equipment quite inexpensive.

Since light stands are made for more expensive strobe lights or video lights, you will need a bracket to mount your speedlight on the stand.   Again Neewer beats all others on price:

When you look at the image of this on the Amazon page, don’t get confused at how you would mount this on the the tripod.  The picture has it upside down.


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