Neewer Remote Flash Trigger

Neewer Remote Flash Trigger

Move Your Strobe Off Camera: Neewer Remote Flash Trigger

So many of you have liked my recommendation of the Neewer camera flash unit You have tried tilting it to a white wall or ceiling with success and now want to use my recommendation of getting it off your camera for a more beautiful modelling look.  Well, in the interest of keeping your photo investment as reasonable as my $100 flash, there is a solution to that as well.

Instead of putting the flash on your camera’s hot shoe you can put a radio transmitter there and a small receiver on the flash which could be hand held by a friend or on a small tripod.  PocketWizard is the brand of choice by many professional shooters.  But these cost hundred of dollars.  If you are not making your living shooting photographs, this becomes a very expensive hobby.

Well, Neewer brand also has a low cost solution.  They sell a PocketWizard-style remote transmitter and receiver for the 850 flash unit.

The receiver triggers the flash unit when you just plug it to the side of the flash’s USB port.  The user reviews on Amazon are excellent and the under $35 dollar price for both the transmitter and receiver combo is astounding.  If you start to get really serious with your photo set up, you can get a second receiver for another flash for under $20

For the record, Godox brand is the manufacturer of Neewer flashes and identical, except Godox cost a couple of dollars more than Neewer charges for the same items.


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