How Pinterest Can Help Your SEO

How Pinterest Can Help Your SEO

How To Use PINTEREST To Promote Your Company and Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest – the social media network site that is fast becoming a dominant player in the social media landscape. During these tough economic times, business growth of any kind is something worth celebrating. But most of our growth would pale by comparison to this up-and-coming social media powerhouse, boasting growth of OVER 4,000 % in 6 months!

And here’s something else that is jaw-dropping…At an average rate of over 88 minutes per visitor, Pinterest ranks third on engagement behind Facebook and Tumblr and well ahead of LinkedIn and Google+.

So what is it exactly?
Pinterest is a network that allows users to share photos they find online by “pinning” them (which is similar to “liking” a page on Facebook or adding a “+1” on Google.)

How can YOUR business utilize Pinterest to engage new customers?
If your business sells PRODUCTS it is possible to leverage the popularity of Pinterest and introduce your inventory to millions of potential clients. You can create a virtual product catalog of interest to consumers and also create a ‘best of’ board, showing off your most popular products. Be sure to add price tags and links that point back to your website. Adding a ‘gifts’ section will help customers discover gift-giving suggestions.

But What If Your Business Doesn’t Sell Products?
Even if your business doesn’t offer products Pinterest can still be a useful marketing tool. You can “pin” photos of what your company does, screenshots of what you’ve created, samples of your service, and photos that inspire or share a message about you.

Utilizing Pinterest will help your SEO!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that elusive puzzle piece that is an essential requirement for new customers to find you in an internet search. When you ‘pin’ your products on Pinterest, you will improve your SEO and drive traffic back to your site. You also create quality backlinks whenever you link to other products and ‘re-pin’. And sharing your products on Facebook and Twitter will help drive more traffic to your site and increase your SEO.

Another way to utilize Pinterest is to offer exclusive deals and incentives. And don’t forget to engage your audience by thanking them when they re-pin one of your posts.

Pinterest is a social network so it will take time to build followers. But engaging the audience of one of the fastest growing social networks (Pinterest is the third-largest such network behind Facebook and Twitter) is definitely something to look into.

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